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               Jimmy 404 -606-6392
If no Answer Please  Leave A  Message or Text 

KunzGuitars builds custom  Acoustic  Electrics

Solid Body Electrics

4 or 5  String Bass  

3 ways to pay. 

1. Pay Full Payment

2.Pay $300.00 down the rest when finished.

3.Make Payments , Six month time limit.

 Shipping Depends on Location

""Comes with a hard shell case""



 The woods I use are Mahogany,  ( mainly for the back and sides..) , Black limba, wenge, Walnut,

Maple, The necks can be made out of Mahogany or Maple woods. 

 Rosewood Fretboard

 and Bridge. 

20 to 24  Frets


Pickups can vary.  a cheaper or more expensive.

Seymour duncan to $250.00

Acoustic electrics can vary

 using a piezo under the saddle pickup 

 The more expensive seymour  duncans

or the cheaper  Artec


Acoustic Electrics $950.00
Solid body Electrics starting at $ 750.00
4 string Bass $950.00  5 string $1100.00


Fretless solid body---Not to many Interested in a  Fretless  Guitar 

Customer  Reviews




           Karl Geisler

       from Greenland


Lancashire er en fantastisk gitar med flott lyd.  Det er veldig hyggelig å spille det.

Han sier

The Lancashire is an amazing  guitar with a great sound..

Its very nice to Play..



Im very satisfied. It a beautiful guitar. And I plugged it in for the first time the other day and it made my sunday.

 Perry Grissinger from , Cleveland ,Ohio.



Jimmy Kunz is truly an instrumental artist when it pertains to guitar making!--


I have had the sheer pleasure of being a customer of Jimmy Kunz Guitars, a short while back.  The whole experience was amazing.  He walked me through, step by step  in the creation of what has become, one of my most favorite and cherished guitar acquisitions.  He sent me pictures of the woods he selected for the process,  and the great many steps along the way, which have resulted in, and brought life to, a true players instrument!  His attention to building,  and his close proximation to his customers needs and concerns, have not only lead to him making fabulous guitars,  but has also led to lasting friendships with his customers, myself included.

JimmyKunz guitars not only speaks for themselves through sheer beauty,  but also through its articulation and rich tone.  It is easily one of the most comfortable, and versatile guitars I've ever played, and I've have been a player for almost 40 years.

Thank you Jimmy for your sharp eye for beauty,  and your close attention to detail and quality.

The mastery of your trade is evident in this great instrument.. I will always love my "Georgia!"

-Jeff Crabbs-

Proud owner of The Sherman by JimmyKunz Guitars.


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