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Guitars take approximately 3 to 4 months to complete. A deposit of $300.00 is required.  Full payment is required before shipping.

Please note these are handmade and each will be unique. 

KunzGuitars builds custom  guitars.


Acoustic Electrics

Includes Shipping and hard shell case



Guitars made out of 

Mahogany, Black limba,

wenge, Maple, spanish cedar Woods

Now Making Ukuleles

All   Come with A  Hard Shell Case

Sitka Spruce Top.

Mahogany Back

The  Alpha

Jeff Crabbs from Texas

The bodies i make can be from 2.5" to

 3 " thick. 

    The Sherman 

Is named after My Best friend ,since the  4th Grade. He Lives in Sherman


A guitar collector in Lancashire 

bought the 3 rd one i made. 

        The Lancashier

 The name came from the first person that bought this guitar. He ( a guitar collector from England)  He suggested That I name the guitars after the name of the city or country to where its going to. He lives in Lancashire England where John Lennon lived with his Auntie.  And  Lancashire is in the lyrics of, A day in the Life. So, Seeing how the Beatles are my favorite group of all time. this guitar is called.    

            The  Lancashire

  • Jimmy Kunz

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