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jrk guitars
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I started playing the guitar at the age of 13. The first song I wanted to learn to play was Pipeline by The Ventures.  After I learned how to play  Pipeline, I began practicing more of the Ventures songs.  It was practice, practice, practice.  Then I began playing Beatles songs.  The Beatles were a huge inspiration to me.

I then started playing in a group called  Papersunshine and we  opened up for the Allman Brothers in 1972.  We changed our name to Yankee Dime.  During this time  we opened up for Fleetwood Mac and Grand Funk Railroad.  Several years later I  got married and had two wonderful kids,  Amanda and Brandon.

      In 2014 , I found out I had lymphoma, the big  C word .   I went through chemo treatment for almost 2 years   After I started feeling better ( and Cancer  free now)  my wife said  you should build guitars.  I already had  some experience in building furniture, so I figured  why not.  I  love guitars and love to play. I  decided to design my own Acoustic electric out of Mahogany and one thing led to another.  It was a lot of work, learning, mistakes, and wasted wood, but it finely paid off . The outcome was the  JRK Electric Acoustic Guitar.  The feeling of making a guitar and playing it is one of the best feelings I've had. When I make these guitars,  I make them as if I'm making them for myself. They are not perfect like a machine made Fender, or Martin. but each one is unique.   I Started making these at 65 years old. Now  70 in 2021.... I take pride in each one I make.


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